Information on different massage treatments

Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is known to relieve muscle tension and aid in poor circulation.  It reduces joint stiffness and pain. 
It has been shown to be effective in inducing a feeling of general well being and relaxation.

Hot stone massage:

Hot stone massage imparts heat to the muscles and surrounding tissue.  At a pressure level comfortable to the client
the heat from the stones relaxes the muscles and aids in mental relaxation.

Body wrap:

Heat together with algea/mud/chocolate opens up the pores.  This treatment nourishes the skin and relaxes
the muscles. Not recommended for individuals with high blood pressure, heart disease or during pregnancy.

Exfoliation (Body scrub):

A blend of mud and sea salt eliminates dead skin cells and deep cleans the skin.  This treatment has been shown
to be extremely succesful in rejuvenating the skin.


Deep skin cleansing restores the radiance to one's face.

5 easy steps

- cleansing the skin
- light exfoliation
- a moisturizing mask
- toning the skin
- Application of a moisturising cream and under eye cream.


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